Move Management

COG Move Managers will coordinate with our movers or your movers from the initial planning stage through the placement of product at the point of destination. This service may include systems furniture, filing cabinets, case goods, computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, boxed contents, boxed files, appliances, and more.

Pre-Owned Furniture Procurement

We work with same “National” liquidating/resale companies to buy previous new furniture. When our client wants to buy used instead of new, we send an e-mail to all our partner companies explaining what’s needed. Once the product has been found we negotiate the best possible deal and present to our client for approval.

Sustainable Furniture Liquidation

For your discarded yet still usable furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) COG has teamed up with ANEW. Asset Networks for Education Worldwide (ANEW) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, organizing and repurposing surplus FF&E for donation to the underserved & those who support them. Environmentally, fiscally and socially responsible ANEW provides FF&E to schools, non-profit organizations, communities in need and public agencies. ANEW builds social and capital well-being across the U.S. and abroad.

Renew - Furniture Refurbishment

COG maintains a full service refurbishment department, expertly trained to perform the following quality services:

  • Electrostatic Painting
    Refresh or update your existing metal casegoods, panel trims and accessories.

  • Furniture Modification
    Modify and reupholster your existing panels & tackboards to not only give your office a new look at an affordable price but also renewing your existing assets, another step in creating a sustainable workspace.

  • Wood Touch-up & Repair
    COG has trained wood repair technicians that are able to touch-up/repair scratches and blemishes on your existing wood furniture. Our wood technician can evaluate and estimate the cost of the repair.

  • Upholstery Cleaning
    COG can professionally steam clean your panels, chairs & tackboards on-site or at our warehouse. After the cleaning we can apply a fabric protector to help repel dirt & stains.

One Source Recycling

Furniture: for furniture that is no longer serviceable, we disassemble products and sort materials at our facility for recycling as a part of our every day processes.  We can separate and recycle all types of furniture and material.
For most other non-furniture recycling needs we work with a local Bay area company who has set up recycling programs for our paper, wood, metal, e-waste and plastic. We can do the same for you and it will be our goal to set up this service with little or no cost to you.

Electronics: We will deliver and pick up bins for you to fill with all your E-Scrap materials which will be recycled off-site.

Cabling: Literally, miles of cabling left in the ceilings and in the walls from previous network installations by previous tenants have accumulated in most of our buildings.

Purge Bins: purge / multi-purpose bins are as versatile as your needs with 16 cu. ft. to facilitate an effective purge process, college move in/move out, inventory, trash disposal or moving bulky items

Shredding Service: Cross-cut particle shredders are used to ensure compliance with all shredding standards. A Certificate of Destruction is provided as legal proof of compliance and all possible materials are recycled after shredding.

Onsite MAC/Facility Services

Contract Office Group can provide an on-site team member to help you with your moves adds and changes (MAC) and daily “Facility Services” needs. From implementing the reconfiguration of a floor, group of workstations or a single workstation to changing a light bulb, painting a wall, repairing a chair, moving a keyboard tray or managing a project; this COG team member reports to your Facility Manager on a daily basis.