Space Planning

Our goal is to combine your vision with our extensive product  knowledge and planning expertise to create the adaptable solution that is best for your business today and in the future.

COG has the ability to create solutions beyond furniture; we can incorporate flooring solutions for HVAC distribution along with power and data/communication technology integration for easy access and reconfiguration. Additionally we can provide environmentally friendly moveable walls to divide space and provide the ultimate flexible solution for future changes. This organic workspace strategy allows for great spaces today and tomorrow.

A Coordinated and Consistent Look

COG's professional design staff  will provide finish selections for furnishings including paint, wood, laminate, metal, associated trims and plastics which will compliment your new or existing space.

Architectural finishes including wall finishes and floor treatments can be specified as well.

Product Specifications

Once you approve the design, specifications for the furnishings including finish selections for paint, wood, laminate, metal, associated trims and plastics are developed. These specifications are electronically transferred to “Team Design” our order management software. This software generates all proposals, sales orders, purchase orders, acknowledgements, delivery tickets and invoices. Team Design also communicates directly with Haworth electronically for order validation and order entry.

Installation Drawings

Production of furniture installation documents noting the type, size and placement of all applicable panels, components and freestanding furniture. Including the development of an electrical placement recommendation plans for all electrical access points as they pertain to the furniture.