Project Scheduling

With hundreds of steps from design conception to the last punch of the punch-list, it’s nice to know there’s a dedicated, single point of contact to schedule and manage the process every step of way.

Project Timelines

Establishing a project timeline is crucial to proper completion of every project, no matter what the size. Our project managers reverse engineer all schedules and timelines via MS Project 2007. This provides our clients with project specific Gantt charts and detailed schedules. Just another way we ensure your project will be completed on time and on budget.

Phased Installation

Phasing installations correctly either by floor, department or type is critical to a successful installation. We work with multiple trades every day and are used to adapting our installation and delivery schedules to accommodate everyone’s needs. To this end our designers and project managers work together to tag and sequence all the products and services to meet the budget and schedule accordingly.

Project Status Reports

Our clients receive up to date, real time project and order status reports featuring customizable information from order dates and acknowledgement dates to ship dates and install dates. "Team Access" provides our clients the ability to view their specific project’s status securely, 24/7. Additionally, this report is internally managed by the COG team’s project lead and is dispersed and updated so all team members have access to the latest information.