Vision Statement:

COG looks forward to a cleaner, more prosperous, and brighter world, in which people embrace sustainable practices and products that reduce demand for vanishing resources and help indefinitely extend the viability of life on earth.

Mission Statement:

Enable each client to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and comfort of their workspace for decades to come by providing furnishings and other architectural interior components that are designed to be easily reconfigured, moved or even repurposed as the organization’s needs change over time.

Core Principles:

Insider expertise. We are responsible for being experts in the fields of interior design and facilities management. We must stay informed on all of the latest industry trends, product developments, workspace research and issues. Our clients count on us to have this expertise and apply it to their advantage.

Putting others first. We always do better by helping others do better. The surest path to our own prosperity, personal satisfaction and success is to do everything we can to make our clients happier, more successful and prosperous.

Value over time. More and more organizations today take the long view when assessing the value of capital investments. They understand that systems that are less expensive to own and maintain over time are often preferable to ones that may cost less initially but have shorter service lives or higher maintenance requirements.

The quadruple bottom line. Helping clients improve the sustainability of their workspaces enhances their profitability, the wellbeing of their employees and the health of the global environment. Doing so enhances our bottom line as well.